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Learn all about Wind Orchestra and Facmol Percussion

Ponto de Cultura certified by the Ministry of Culture (Official Gazette of 05/04/2016), the Educational and Recreational Association FACMOL emerged in 2003 as a way to institutionalize a cultural action in the area of music in the municipality of Pereira Barreto.

Since 1992, a group of young people founded the Fanfarra Celda Mello Oliveira, later known as FACMOL and consecrated by the various awards obtained throughout the country.

It was through this action that AERFAC was institutionally formed into an association, improving and professionalizing in the field of teaching and musical performance.

Since 2005, in partnership with Creche and Nursery Menino Jesus and City Hall, AERFAC - Associação Educacional e Recreativa FACMOL, focuses on the possibilities of the territory of Espaço Cultural Menino Jesus and maintains the free offer of musical workshops and activities cultural dissemination to the entire population. Throughout its history, AERFAC has become responsible for the training of various musicians and music educators in the northwest region of the state, becoming a reference in the performance of projects aimed at musicalization, performance and promotion of instrumental music.

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